Jamie McHale

Jamie McHale

Technology entrepreneur · Med Software Ops · Saltire Fellow · Coder · Runner · Cyclist · Life enthusiast

I work for Relaymed as Head of Delivery. We provide connectivity between POC-devices and EHRs.

I run Telaco, providing consulting and development for a range of clients.

I am a Saltire Fellow, having undertaken the world-class Saltire course at Babson College, the #1 College for Entrepreneurship in the USA.

I hold a MSc in Information Technology and a BSc in Physiology, both from the University of Glasgow.

I have previously worked for Jo Swinson MP organising political communications and campaigns.

I am interested in technology, science, and the organisation of society. I enjoy running, cycling and eating good food.

You can also find me on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, and GitHub.