▨ Jamie McHale


I became a Dad in November 2022. This is a space to collect my reflections and notes.

My notes


  • It both is and isn’t about the chocolate chocolate muffin, Dr Gena Gorlin, on parenting and mental filters. I like this article as an illustration of how thinking about how to raise a child forces you to think about how to raise yourself.
    ...it is by supporting a child’s agency over how she interacts with the world—versus putting those interactions at the mercy of either the child’s unaccountable moods or ours—that we, as parents, most directly influence the fundamental worldviews she feeds and reinforces in herself over time.
    When we find ourselves interacting with someone in the throes of an ill-regulated mood state, a lot of the intuitive ways we might “try to help” are likely to backfire. That’s because what the emotionally overwhelmed person often needs and lacks, in that moment, is not whatever concrete assistance or proposed solutions we might throw at them, but rather a way to see through or around the meaning-filter itself.
    Added 31st December 2022