▨ Jamie McHale

Hackney Half Marathon 2019

London running and a wee bit of Van Gogh · May 2019

I ran the Hackney Half Marathon in 1:49:25.

Glad to have beaten the 1:50 mark. I’m around 6 minutes off my personal best, so will continue to train over the summer. Many thanks to Gordon for the training motivation.

The gift t-shirt is a Nike dri-fit, which is the brand that I like wearing. The medal was pretty good too:

Next race is the Kirkcudbright 10km at the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon, followed by the Coll Half Marathon.

After the race it was good to check out Van Gogh and Britain Exhibition at Tate Britain. Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists, and although I felt the theme was somewhat contrived, it was great to see some pieces I had not seen before.