▨ Jamie McHale


Walking to Ryvoan Bothie and the Green Lochan · March 2019

I took a wee mid-week walking break in Aviemore. After getting the morning train up from Edinburgh, we took a late-afternoon walk in a grey and rainy Craigellachie Nature reserve.

A signpost points the way to Craigellachie Summit
A view back down over Aviemore in the rain

The second day was just as rainy, but I guess that’s part of the Cairngorm experience. We caught the bus out to Glenmore Forest Park and walked up and around Ryvoan Bothy and the Green Lochan (see WalkHighlands for a map of the route).

The colours were amazing, the contrast with the greens of the trees, reds and yellows and the green of the loch.

The colours at the Green Lochan were great, if you caught the light just right

The light changed spectacularly at the end of the day. The late afternoon sun casting a beautiful light over Loch Morlich as we waited for the bus.

The afternoon sun at Loch Morlich

We had food at the Winking Owl and The Old Bridge Inn (for a particularly nice burger).

Aviemore is a great quick getaway from Edinburgh, recommended for those who want a simple and relaxing outdoors break.