▨ Jamie McHale

London Marathon 2018

Hot, hot, hot · April 2018

On Saturday I ran the London Marathon 2018 - clocking in 4:58:18 in 23 degree heat (Runner #10425). The aim was to finish, and I made it. A fulfilling way to spend my 35th birthday - one more thing ticked off the bucket list!

It was a great experience. The crowds and other runners were amazing, and I really appreicated the support of my friends who turned up to keep my motivation going in the home stretch.

The first photo is Gordon walking down to Finsbury Park Station in the morning, the second, me collapsing after the finish.

Looking at the run, it seems clear that I need to work on my pacing and energy conservation. I ran my usual pace in the first half, and despite having short bursts of energy, didn’t really get any of the pace back. I picked up a little towards the end, as I knew I was going to complete, and could judge what I could do without overheating.

I’m looking forward to entering some more races, and trying to bring my time down a notch.