▨ Jamie McHale


undefined · May 2018

I spent the last week in Prague, for a weekend stag-do, but with a few days either side to get to know the city. I went for two runs, with GoPro videos for both. On the first run, I ran through the old town, touching the bottom of Wenceslas Square, before heading back over Manesuv most and Petrin Hill.

On the second run I ran up the left bank, across the Charles Bridge, back across Čechuv Most and up to the Metronome. After a short break to take a timelapse video, I ran through Letenska plan and into the Castle grounds from a north garden entrance. There was no queue here, unlike on the opposite entrances from the town. I ran through the Castle, exiting at the South Gardens, then over Petrin Hill back to the AirBnB.

The Stag was good fun, as we ran into a wine and food festival on the banks of the river. Local rosé and cheese toasties - great stuff! It was so nice down on the banks of the river in the sun.

Places I enjoyed on the trip were: Restaurant and Bar

Kozlovna in Smichov, serving up Czech food and beer; Vinarna U Sudu which has lots of underground cellars in which to drink; JAM Cafe to watch a live swing band; MindMaze for an escape room adventure; and the National Gallery, where I saw a Klimt exhibition.

Here are some photos I took around the city:

A view over Prague
The Czech flag flying
A view to the Castle from the River
Statues on Charles Bridge
My AirBnb
A peacock
Tram cables over a street
Sunset with the Silhouette of the Castle
Trainers on a wire at the Metronome
A view over the Bridges of Prague
A statue in the castle gardens
A view over the red roofs
Prague Castle
A boat, the Vltava on the Vltava
A weir looking north on the river at sunset
A Prague tram