▨ Jamie McHale

Wellington for Christmas

Birds at Zealandia and Warriors at Te Papa · December 2018
A Kaka at Zealandia.

I’m spending Christmas Wellington with my family. A week of rest before I head home. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


Wellington has an eco-sanctury in the middle of the city. Zealandia is a project that aims to restore one of Wellington’s valleys to a pre-human state over a 500 year period.

Several species of wildlife have been re-introduced into the area, which is protected from predators by bio-security fences. It’s a lovely place to visit for an afternoon stroll. We saw Kaka, New Zealand robin, Kereru, Saddleback, Hihi, Tuatara and Tui. You can find out more about the project on the Zealandia website.

A Tui in a tree at Zealandia

Terracotta Warriors at Te Papa

I went to see the Chinese Terracotta Warriors - “Guardians of Immortality” at Te Papa Museum. It was well worth the visit. Well presented with other artifacts from surrounding eras.