▨ Jamie McHale


undefined · March 2017

I took a trip to Whistler in February for skiing with the family. My brother worked a ski season there around ten years ago, and now lives in New Zealand, so we’re glad to have had this opportunity to see him and to visit the resort to see where he spent his time. It was also a chance to test out the new Sony RX100V camera.

The first couple of days were excellent, with beautiful blue skies. We took the lifts up to the top of the mountain, and skied down the trails along the ridge.

The next few days were much snowier, with a lot of mist. This made for excellent, but occasionally worrying skiing. Due to the fresh fall of snow, much of the alpine area was closed for one day, so we stuck to the winding routes through the trees. The mountain got a lot busier on the Friday thanks to the fresh snow-fall, and we had to queue to access lifts for the first time.

Towards the end of the week we went up to Blackcomb Glacier, around the back of Blackcomb Mountain. It’s accessed via Hortsman Hut, a quick ski down to the Showcase T-bar and then a small scramble up to the glacier entrance. The powder was deep which was a bit tricky for a not-so-experienced skier like me, but the views were well worth it. The trail down Glacier Road runs down the side of the mountain, and was also fun to ski down.

The last couple of days opened up a bit, giving us the chance to get higher up and see more of the views again.

Thanks for the memories Canada!