Jamie McHale

June 2020

Month notes
Reading and Edinburgh

Hayfever ruled for most of June, so I was less slightly productive than I wanted, although I found more time for sitting indoors reading.

Work is progressing with my clients, and online learning side-project. If you have a group of people who regularly do online video calls, and are interested in cognitive biases then give me a shout on Twitter for early access.

Edinburgh is opening up a little. I took a wander into town for the first time in months, and explored some of the back courts and paths. I have so much left to explore in the city! I finally meet up with some other people for socially distanced beers in the park. I am nervous about the quick re-opening, but was very grateful for the social company.


Next month I hope to get out and about a bit more - although I probably won't be meeting anybody indoors for a while yet. Until then, it's running, reading, photography and messing about on Twitter.

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