▨ Jamie McHale

July 2021

Isle of Skye and packing up our home

I’ve not been that active online this month. We’re moving flats in August, both trying to buy a place and find a rental in the meantime. It’s hectic, and life administration seems to have taken over.

It looks like August will be another busy month, with packing boxes off to storage, and physically moving. Harriet is also changing jobs, and I’m looking for more contract work. A little bit of life adventure seems to be happening, things are up in the air and we’re not entirely sure where the pieces will land.

The main event of the month was a holiday to Skye. I’ve written about the trip in my journal, so take a look there for photos and some info about what we did.

I’ve kept the reading projects going, reading Descartes Mediations for the II Book Club in August. I also read Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind on the history and uses of psychadelics. Interesting material! I note that a new psychadelic society has just been formed at Edinburgh University.