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September 2021

Month notes
AirBnb to new Home

September went by in the blink of an eye, and was a fun month.

We were staying in an AirBnb in Tollcross, waiting for the move-in date for our new flat at the beginning of October.

We spent some time heading out for coffee, visiting some favourite pubs and sandwich places now that we were a little closer to town.


I was glad to make it back to both EH3 Milers and PubRun (now re-branded EdinBar Runners). I'm still not consistent with my attendance, but I'm getting better! EH3 Milers have altered the format, so it's now just one distance at a relaxed pace (rather than three distances with runners doing their own pace). This makes it a little more social, so if you want to make running pals in Edinburgh then come along!


We had friends visit, and I was also able to take some early morning walks around the Meadows (mixing some vitamin supplements with early sunlight and good opportunities for photographs).


I went home for a few days to visit my parents and to pack some stuff that I had stored at their house during the move (and also, in the 20 years since I left home). We took a nice walk around the Kirkcudbrightshire coast, and I took some photos in the garden. It was nice to be home and have a change of scene.


I managed a fair amount of reading in September. I read Frankenstein for the II "Reading the Greats" Salon, some books on gender, misogeny and trans issues, I particularly enjoyed Down Girl by Kate Manne, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, Vaxxers on the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine by Prof Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green , The Secret of our Success by Joseph Henrich on cultural evolution, and Sharespeare in a Divided America by James Shapiro.

At last in early October, we finally moved into our flat in Sciennes. It feels a lot more like a house than a flat, as we now have an upstairs. Our stuff is slowly coming out of boxes and we're making it feel like home. We've already had the obligatory trip to the local plant shop, and Harriet is in her element. I'm grateful for the cards, flowers, gifts and help moving from our families. I'm looking forward to the next month of home-making!

This move now means that we have a guest bedroom, so if friends want to visit, please do - you have a place to stay!

A profile photograph of Jamie McHale
Jamie McHale

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