▨ Jamie McHale

November 2021

West Didsbury, boosters and winter
Autumn sun in the Meadows

November has passed fairly uneventfully. The Autumn colours arrived, and the morning light in the Meadows was often glorious.

I have a few more pieces of client work coming in to Telaco, so I’m getting busier. I have some leads for interesting projects in the new year. December is usually quieter for work, but it looks like I’ll have a filled schedule in January. I’m mostly focused on quick prototyping of apps using NextJs, and am building my TypeScript experience.

We marked the passing of a month in the new flat. Thanks to Pete for the pizza-cutter flatwarming gift! I’ve started to get my new office in order with some new bookshelves and lights. It’s becoming a cosy and productive place to work and read. I even got a second office chair so I can share the space well with Harriet.

We took a weekend wander out at Dalkeith Country park, with lunch at the Restoration Yard. Another weekend, we drove down to Manchester/West Didsbury to have an early Christmas dinner with friends. It was great to hang out, especially after the lack of social events last Christmas. I took the opportunity to run through West Didsbury and along the Mersey for a while.

West Didsbury Autumn Colours

Both Harriet and I got our Covid boosters, which was very welcome. I felt much more confident being social, so returned to both EH3 Milers and Edinbar Runners. Omicron is a little concerning, so we’re going to take it easy in December to ensure that we can take our planned holidays.

We ended the month with friends visiting - the first guests to stay in our new guest bedroom. Edinburgh delivered a wet, snowy and cold walk up Arthur’s Seat - but I guess that’s just part of the experience!

In November my reading pile included:

Wishing you all a good December, and a very Merry Christmas.