▨ Jamie McHale

January 2022

Running and reading, like every other month
Sunrise at Arthurs Seat
Edinburgh Sunrise
Edinburgh Pink Sunrise

I started the month with early morning walks, and with late winter sunrise, I managed to get some nice photos in Holyrood park. I’m still trying the Magnesium/Vitamin D/sunlight combo, and I think it has an effect.

I am finally going to get to run the postponed Edinburgh Marathon this year, so have started training. It was fun running with friends again, both with EH3 Milers, Edinbar Runners and ad-hoc so thanks to both Pete and Gordon for getting the running year off to a good start.

Me and Gordon after a run
Me and Pete after a run

As well as the running I’ve also been on a couple of cycle rides with EH3 Miler folks. If you fancy joining for a weekend cycle in the next few months then please do give me a shout.

Out cycling
Out cycling
Out cycling

I co-organised the first EdinburghJS meetup in two years. The meetups, like many others, have been paused because of the pandemic. I think it is essential for the Edinburgh technology scene to have a JavaScript meetup: to share technical information, to find mentors, to become mentors, to discover interesting side projects and job opportunities.

Sadly the first meetup had to be live-streamed rather than in-person, but we’re back in Febuary with an audience, on the evening of the 17th at the Bayes Center.

I want to build the meetup as an inclusive space, not just for seasoned developers, but for beginners, dabblers and those working in adjacent technology spaces. The organising team is reaching out to group members over the next few months encouraging people to do “lightening talks” on work or side-projects. We hope this will be a good low-risk way of introducing new people to talk about their work. We will offer mentoring and support for first time speakers, and have been able to set aside a pot of money to help support those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to disability or poverty.

If you want to get involved, drop me a line on Twitter.

Behind the scenes at EdinburghJS
Behind the scenes at EdinburghJS
Behind the scenes at EdinburghJS
Behind the scenes at EdinburghJS

This month’s book reading consisted of:

I’m coming to the end of a couple of work projects in Febuary, so will be open to new contracts in April. I likely have availability for 2-3 days per week organsing development work and commercialisation on software products, alongside React and NodeJs coding.