▨ Jamie McHale

March 2022

Month Notes

I've only got a quick update this month. Life seems to be getting faster, and spring is springing.

I attended a trail running course one weekend with Gordon. It was good fun, and a nice addition to my marathon training. Check my journal for more notes and links.


I also made it back to EH3 Milers for a few sessions - much nicer in the lighter weather.


This month I started several books, but didn't finish any. I'm trying to find the time to juggle work responsibilities with getting EdinburghJS up and running, my Open University course, plus marathon training.

I did however find some time to get out and about exploring a few places to eat:

  • Hunky Dory Eats, a sandwich place in a police box opposite the Earl of Marchmont.
  • Earl's Burger bar in Stockbridge.
  • Ikigai noodle bar in Newington, really good take-away. A tiny place with about three tables inside, opposite the Greenmantle.

Until next month!