▨ Jamie McHale


I love running. I try and run several times per week. EH3 Milers and Edinbar Runners are welcoming and fun social running clubs in Edinburgh (although I've not been as much since I became a Dad!).

My favourite running gear:

  • Brooks shoes
  • Adidas shorts
  • Nike "zonal cooling" tops
  • Ronhill jacket
  • Osprey small backpack
  • Garmin Forerunner 935 watch
  • Thule Chariot buggy

Running videos

When I go running on holiday I like to take videos, partially to remember the run, but also to share the route and scenery with other runners. You can find all my videos on my YouTube running playlist.

Edinburgh Marathon 42km · 4:49:01 29th May 2022
Run the Blades 10km · 46:23 3rd September 2021
Coll Half 21km · 1:53:01 18th August 2019
Kirkcudbright 10km 10km · 46:15 25th May 2019
Hackney Half 21km · 1:49:25 19th May 2019
London Marathon 42km · 4:58:18 22nd April 2018
Tri Trail Night Race 10km · 1:00:17 24th February 2014
Waltham Western Greenway 5km · 23:46 5th October 2013
Great Scottish Run Half 21km · 1:42:31 2nd September 2012
Glasogw Men's Health 10km 10km · 45:52 17th June 2012
Micro blog: #running

A hot and sunny day for ParkRun with the boy

→ May 11, 2024

Making a habit of ParkRun with the boy. Beautiful sun today. Extended with a jog around the Meadows.

→ Apr 27, 2024

Ran up Blackford Hill this morning, beautiful in the early light

→ Apr 8, 2024