▨ Jamie McHale


One day, maybe, I'll start a dev-blog. Until then, here are some links

Meetups I run

I am the organiser and host of two Scottish JavaScript meetups: one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. There are over 2000 members of the Meetup group network, making for a vibrant and welcoming dev community. I post a weekly bulletin of events listings and content produced by community members at scottishtechnology.club.

Personal Websites I like

I think running a personal website is great. A digital hypertext garden for you to tend. I draw inspiration from sites that I find, maintaining a list of ones I find interesting or inspiring. I have published some of these bookmarks on Are.na. There are no particular criteria for inclusion on the list, maybe it's the design, maybe the writing, the consistency or commitment to the web as a medium. If you have a website that you think I'll like, drop me a note.