▨ Jamie McHale

EdinburghJS Maps and Testing

Last talks of the year · November 2023

That’s a wrap for the EdinburghJS talks this year! Thank you to Rachael Ellen and Kat Kmiotek for speaking on maps and testing last night (live-streamed on YouTube). There is a wealth of knowledge in our community, and I’m glad we can get together like this to share!

Rachel speaking about Esri maps
Kat speaking about testing with Playwright

Thanks to FanDuel for hosting us, Allan Lloyds for the live-streaming and KPV LAB Edinburgh for the pizza.

We had a great turnout last night - our RSVPs tipped over 100 for the first time, which I feel is a nice milestone to end the year on. We still get some drop-off of attendees on the night, so next year I hope to get 100+ people in-person!

Audience for Rachels talk
Socialising in the FanDuel events space

We have a Christmas social coming up on the 12th December, joint with the .NET Edinburgh meetup group. I’m looking forward to meeting another part of the Edinburgh developers community.

I’ll be organising the Jan/Feb talks for next year soon, so please do get in touch if you want to speak.