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Edinbugh Marathon 2022

Three years in the making · May 2022
Gordon and I getting ready

Three years after registering, I finally got to run the Edinburgh Marathon (thanks Covid!). I made it round in 4:49:01.

I had hoped to be running a little faster, but my thighs were cramping up after ~16km. I have a feeling I peaked roughly two weeks ago! Still, despite not hitting my target, I was glad to get round. It was a fun day - thanks to Gordon for being a great training buddy and motivator (and well done on the 3:31!), thanks to Hazza, Amy, Allan and Norma for the mid-run cheers, running club Gordon for the mid-race motivation, and to Chris and Graeme from EH3 Milers and Edinbar Runners for a wee welcome at the start and for organising drinks at the end.

Next up on the running schedule is the Bellahouston 10km in a couple of weeks, but first, to try and fix my legs!

EH3 Milers and Edinbar Runners, Chris and Graeme welcoming folks
Mid run freshness