▨ Jamie McHale

GlasgowJS Relaunch

Restarting our meetup and community · November 2023

Last night we relaunched GlasgowJS - the JavaScript meetup and community. I’m really glad that we have got this started again. Thanks to Daniel Grant and Rounak Samdadia for organising with me, and Barclays Eagle Lab for hosting.

We were expecting just a handful of people to show up - but ended up with 80+ on the RSVP list. It shows there is demand for networking and learning for JavaScripters across Scotland. We will be back in January with some technical and community talks. We’ll announce them on the website and on the meetup group.

People at the JS Meetup
People at the JS Meetup
People at the JS Meetup

My aim for GlasgowJS is to get a pipeline of speakers, so that we can hold monthly events, then raise sponsorship for the pizza and drinks to make sure that the meetup is sustainable. I will be cross-promoting the events with EdinburghJS and via the ScottishTechnology.club bulletin and Discord server that I run. If we can build a good community across Edinburgh and Glasgow then we can help attract and create opportunities in our cities.

I’m looking forward to the EdinburghJS meetup next Tuesday (21st November) with Rachael Ellen and Kat Kmiotek. It feels like there is a real buzz forming!