▨ Jamie McHale

January 2020

Back to work, running clubs and reading

I kicked off January watching the fireworks over Edinburgh Castle, then retiring to a pub to listen to acoustic covers of Bruce Springsteen songs. Perfect!

The month has been fairly quiet, getting my head down to working with a couple of clients on web development, which will be my focus for the next couple of months. I added a /now page to give up-to-date details of what I am working on. Add one to your site too, and get listed at nownownow.com

My New Year Resolutions are the same as every year: running and reading.

I have joined two local running clubs, both to help with training for the Edinburgh Marathon, and also to be a little more social with one of my favorite hobbies.

If you want to join you should check out EH3 Milers, meeting Wednesday night at Six Degrees North, and PubRun, meeting Sunday night at the Golf Tavern. Both have been great, and really welcoming.

I also managed to get back on my bike, with a day-trip to Falkirk and back. I rode to The Keplies, 100ft high water-horse sculptures, across to the Falkirk Wheel canal boat life, and then back along the Union Canal. I hope to explore more of the area near Edinburgh in the coming months.