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Jamie McHale

August 2021

Month notes
Moving home

August was even more hectic than predicted. In late July we had planned to move out of Harriet's an into a rental property for six months whilst we found a permenant place to live, then...we found a place we wanted to buy.

🎉 We bought a house together in Sciennes, Edinburgh. 🎉

August went by in a blur. We completed on Harriet's flat, moved to house-sit for a friend, and then moved again into an AirBnB.

Most of my other activites were put on hold: just work, running and reading as the minimum. It felt like the rest of my time was chasing emails, packing boxes and cleaning.


I still tried to practice photography, but the weekly photo challenges were put on hold until we move into the new place in October. For the past few weeks I've been getting up early most days and going for a walk in the morning sun. It's been a good opportunity to take some photos at Golden Hour.


I started a new contact which should provide work for the next two months implementing a set of React UI components and data-loading for a startup. I'll be looking for similar work towards the end of October.

At the beginning of September I also did my first timed race in over a year: Run the Blades 10km in Glasgow. I ran in 46:23, 19th of 244 racing. I was pleased with my form. I'm looking forward to resuming racing over the next year. I need to get a few more on the calendar!


Next month's update will be brought to you mid-house move - have a lovely September!

A profile photograph of Jamie McHale
Jamie McHale

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