▨ Jamie McHale

November 2022

Arrival of Jack

There was one event this month: the arrival of Jack.

Me and Jack
Harriet and Jack

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, which is why my month notes are a week late. We’ve been figuring out how to be parents, getting to know Jack, and enjoying the everyday moments. I wrote a quick post on the first two weeks, trying to capture some of my relections.

A month into his life and he is changing already: unfurling from his newborn phase, becoming more alert, and making noises.

Both Harriet and I have appreciated the kindness and generosity of family, friends and neighbours. From dropping round some food in the first week, to many gifts of clothes and toys (my running club even got Jack a wee branded babygrow!).

We’ve made an effort to get out and about, around the local coffee shops, and down to the beach at Portobello. We’re also focused on quality time at home, letting Jack adjust to us and his surroundings.

Portobello pool roof
Portobello Beach
Harriet at Portobello

I’m back at work now, but I will try to limit my hours for the rest of the year. I have a few projects that will take me through to the end of winter, and likely into spring next year.

We have an EdinburghJS Christmas Social coming up on the 15th December, so will hopefully see some of you there.


Despite being a new dad, I’ve managed to read a few books this month, snatching a few minutes in the early hours. This month I read a few more of Francis Fukuyama’s books:

I’d recommend his Political Order first, but I think that Our Posthuman Future still has questions that we don’t yet have the answers to.

I also read:

Next Month

Now winter seems to be setting in: dark afternoons and evenings, mist on the meadows and low winter sun. I’m looking forward to Christmas and the new year.

Misty moon at the Meadows